Welcome to our metaverse of endless possibilities. Be among the firsts to explore a new exciting world where virtual adventures meet human interactions. Here we create, connect, play, own, and redefine the boundaries of VR. Unprecedented and limitless, this is our new reality.

House of Kibaa

Creating impactful immersive experiences in Virtual Reality and providing full ownership through NFT blockchain Technology. Members can gain not only monetization of virtual assets but also value appreciation powered by the integration of various existing platforms and online communities. Envision a digital Mega-hub connecting technologies, networks, cultures, and most importantly – people. House of Kibaa is a platform that aims to revolutionize the way we interact on the Internet and the VR experience as we know it, and one that is executed intricately and aesthetically. Whether you are a creator, gamer, or trader, there is something here for anyone aspiring to become a pioneer.

NFT Utilities


Access to the exclusive House of Kibaa NFT Owners Club


Redeem NFT-based tickets towards virtual transactions, items and assets


Distinguish your online identity with custom avatar and accessories


Uniquely designed collectibles for our partners, brands and IPs


Ownership of diverse and visually stunning VR spaces and environments

Partnerships & Collaborations


Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress


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