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house of kibaa

About us

House of Kibaa delivers superb 3D design assets and technical solutions.

We are proud to create asset ownership opportunities. Our immersive 3D assets are backed by our exceptional use of blockchain-based NFT tech and are fully compatible with House of Kibaa's metaverse, Project Origin.

We also strive to preserve project diversity and allow companies to unlock the value of virtual endorsements and branding opportunities. We are positioned to help the next generation of content creators capture the boundless possibilities of the metaverse.




Vision and Mission

To become a leading design studio for 3D and NFT-based products.

To collaborate and partner with powerhouse studios in developing and integrating a vast array of assets into our spectacular 3D social platform, Project Origin.

we are
house of kibaa
We are global

Headquartered in Canada, House of Kibaa is a global presence with offices in Vancouver and teams around the globe.