Working country: Mobile
Type of job: Full-time

Job Description

When you’re a Creative Director at House of Kibaa, you define and communicate the high-level vision that shapes the game we produce. 

Responsible for setting the overall creative direction, you foster an environment of collective creativity that inspires teams to come up with the best ideas that they can to support it. Help source required talent and staff based on the vision of the game we are building.

You keep everyone’s efforts channeled towards the same goal, the same common vision. You make sure that every choice made throughout production fits the feel of the game and brings its intended experience to life for players across the globe.

 What you’ll do

  • Define a clear, cohesive creative vision for the game.
  • Help find/source staff needed for the game production.
  • Work closely with other core team members to develop their specific parts of the vision + unify your concepts to tie together all design, graphic, narrative, and technical elements. 
  • Communicate (and emphasize) the creative direction across the production floor to guide teams. 
  • Pitch the game vision to the editorial team and upper management + represent your team and the project to them. 
  • Validate the consistency and quality of the game + ensure creative alignment between branding, experience, and strategy.
  • Review and discuss production priorities, timelines, and scope with the producer.


  • Around 5 years of leadership experience in the video game industry (or other relevant experience): you’re a creative leader with a vision for the future of games
  • Exceptional organizational, interpersonal, and presentation skills 
  • Effective cross-departmental communication: you have the know-how to comfortably communicate with all disciplines (programming, art, design, marketing, and so on)
  • A highly collaborative and innovative spirit
  • The ability to take technical and production feasibility into account when coming up with concepts
  • Mentorship: you’re motivated to share your expertise to guide the next generation of creatives
  • Autonomy in using presentation and design tools (e.g. PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Unreal Engine (UE5 especially) and it’s limitations
  • Familiarity with communication software (e.g. Slack)
  • A solid understanding of the market & a (fiery) passion for video games
  • Understanding of NFTs is a bonus
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