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Gutter Cat Gang
We bring the illusive Gutter Cat Gang into the metaverse with a strikingly immersive experience. The Gutterverse enhances the urban visual aesthetics while strengthening the community. Your gutter cat will never be the same!
We've got the NBA's most important legacy! We partnered with Zaire Wade, a rising star in the basketball world and son of NBA legend, Dwyane Wade, to create exclusive 3D artwork, renderings of YNG-DNA assets, and a single, ultra-rare avatar playable in the metaverse.
Gods of Rock
We've brought "Rock & Roll" to Gods of Rock! House of Kibaa has transformed the Rockstars from simple 2D renderings to exciting 3D digital assets with updated dynamic utilities. Rock out with House of Kibaa today!
Bored Ape Yacht Club
We envisioned and built BAYC in a different dimension, translating from 2D to 3D. The 3D avatar ape will act as a unique identity for its owners in our metaverse to come.